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Hiko Chen

Hi! This is Hiko, I am an Awareness Trainer for more than 15 years from Taiwan.

During my group and individual practices, I have been sharing my practice with thousands of people and I have more than 10,000 hours of teaching experience. The experience and know how consists of  Yoga asana, Pranayama (Breath technique), Meditation, Anatomy, Yoga philosophy, Chinese Meridians, Tibetan Buddhist wisdom, Tai-chi and mindfulness/awareness training. Because of that, I can share the teachings with people in different circumstances .

My life purpose is to bring people back to their natural states of body and mind, back to our original being, creating peace and balance from inside to outside. People who worked with me experience more balance. They are mentioning that they are recharging with me and can keep their balance better in life and work. They have less stress and can be most of the time in a flow state.

How do I start the journey

I have started practicing yoga since I was an 18 years old girl. It started when I was experiencing a true miracle in my life: how yoga healed my mother. She started practicing and came from almost being dead to fully alive. This was a clear sign for me to start my Yoga journey and learn people effective practices. 


The miracle happened to my mother, when she was recovering from a serious car accident.


She was recovering from injuries from which she was supposed never really to heal again. After any injury, the meridians need to be opened again. When the body has been severely traumatized the energy cannot flow smoothly, unless we practice to open it. Therefore, a few years later, she became badly ill, and it was very hard for her to breath well, and even the number of erythrocytes in her body was too low to keep her alive.


At that time, she tried everything she could to stay alive, Western medicine, Chinese medicine, Qigong, Aerobic dance, Vitality diet…almost everything she was able to reach out to…,but nothing really worked.


Finally, Yoga came to her when she almost gave up and she did believe that anything could help her. After a period of practice, she became more and more healthy, even her body shape getting more beautiful unexpectedly.

Presently at the age of 59 she is still able to do anything that she wants, and she is helping people to get back their health by sharing her life experience and yoga. 


As her daughter, I have seen with many clients how yoga asana brings people back to their health in a such natural way, without using medicines, Also I feel deeply how yoga bring us to be consciously mindful, getting a better focus, relax more, be more patient, and have more joy, …and peace.

As an ADHD teenager  I could hardly concentrate on anything. When starting to train at the age of 17 for the first time. I felt balanced and creative at the same time, after starting practicing yoga. 


This is giving me such a nice life quality that I want to share with people who like to live a healthy, joyful, and peaceful life on earth. And it is such a pleasure to share all my experiences, learning , teachings ,and share the healing love vibration with my clients. 

Tailor made designed private lessons aimed at your personal needs . Specifictraining  with deep and specific  adjustments and personal support. 


Train with your colleagues /friends/families,

supported by me and supporting  each other in the path of health,  joy, and inner power.


During workshops it is important and fun to work with both body and mind, so that we can upgrade our learning abilities by involving the body in specific yoga and awareness based exercises and energizers. Often done together with Michel La Poutre in the context of Lapoutre team workshops. 


Enjoy  practicing with more people during gatherings led by Hiko, who has a lot of stage experience of leading large groups. That can maybe fit to your clients or your employees.

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