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Let's Work together 

Tailor made designed private lessons aimed at your personal needs . Specifictraining  with deep and specific  adjustments and personal support. 

According to the unique qualities and characteristics of everybody, we develop you a special program focussed on your needs and adapting to your particular situation. we will co create a  practice that brings benefits to you, and also works on moments that you practice alone..

Combining yoga practice with special acupressure method to help us open the channels inside of our body system to release our tension and free locked in emotions we  store as stress in the muscles and organs. This will help yu raise your life energy, increase health, resilience and life  quality.

scientific way of liberating ourselves both in a physical and mental way. 

​*1 on 1: 60 mins / 75 euro (for more+10 euro/ per person)

*Time and location fit to your needs. We also work online !


Train with your colleagues/friends/families, supporting  each other in the path of health,  joy, and inner power.

A group of people, normally have similar patterns of working or living. With a group practice you are also building your team as professionals or as a family. When we are practicing together, we learn to  support each other more deeply and connected.. With a better connection as a team, and as humans in our pure sensee , we are able to live more healthy and energetic, and share joy and peace towards the people surrounding us, like our clients .

​*Group: 60 mins/ 150 euro/ 10 people ( for more +15 euro / per person)

*Time and location will fit to your needs. We also work online !


During workshops it is important and fun to work with both body and mind, so that we can upgrade our learning abilities by involving the body in specific yoga and awareness based exercises and energizers. Often done together with Michel La Poutre in the context of Lapoutre team workshops. 

In meetings,  workshops and  training in companies, we often are predominantly working with our brain and mind, and forget about connecting to our body. It is essential to develop with 5Qs in this modern age. Not only the IQ,EQ,FQ and SQ are important for us to function in a great way, but we also need-LQ (love intelligence) will make us complete as human beings and effective as professionals and leaders.

It is important to be stronger together and deeply respect each other as human beings. 

And live a life we want to live, be the change that we wish to see in the world.

*Working together with transformation leadership trainer - Michel La Poutre.

*Special Design for each company. Including working online.


Enjoy practicing with more people during gatherings led by Hiko, who has a lot of stage experience of leading large groups.That can maybe fit your clients or your employees.

This is  a service that Hiko already delivered for many times. Combining awareness practice with fun elements such as dancing  Having a fun bonding experience together.  When a group of people  follows the same movements, it is magic. It bonds your group with a lot of joy.

At festivals, during celebrations, at Conferences, everything is possible...

We can make our awareness practice with Hiko fit to your needs and your group.

*Depends on different type of activities provide the practice that leading to awareness training; yoga, tai-chi, meditation, dance, mindfulness activities  ....,and  light, deep, fun, concentrated...,let's find the way to fit to your people, and bring more joy to the world.

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What People Talk About Working with Hiko


Hi, this is Hiko,

If you would like to receive my videos

and practice with me,

please leave your contact info here.

CONnect me

Judith Van Willigen

Business Improvement Manager of Knab Bank

Get yourself and your company in a good mental and physical state with Hiko!

At my company I noticed people were stressed, not feeling well and also having some physical discomfort or pain…like shoulders, back, neck, headaches etc.

We thought: let’s start with some exercise at work…and chose yoga.

Everyone can join, you don’t have to be an expert and it is easy to do at work.

We could not have anticipated the impact Hiko made!


During 2 months of group sessions and individual sessions our bodies and minds felt so much better.

She is much more than a yoga teacher and really helped bringing stress levels down and also made us feel much better.

She is a lovely person, very skilled, tough when she needs to be and a perfect teacher how to work and achieve your life goals in a balanced way.


Our experiment stopped after 2 months, but people miss her and want more sessions…so I hope she will be back soon in the Netherlands!

檔案_000 拷貝.jpeg

DR. Hsu  

Professor of National Taiwan University

I was feeling pain in my back, in my shoulder and  everywhere in my body. My daughter was  worried about my health, so she introduced me to do yoga with Hiko. After a few years of learning and practicing, it helped me to release blockages inside of my body and my clothing size change from L to M, and even almost S. I feel much more comfortable and energetic everyday. Even more so, after I learned how to adjust myself better, I can also help my family to be healthier and feel better with some simple poses, that’s something I have never expected.


Rachel Cheng, Finance Manager

Thanks for Hiko. The Breath technique teaching is really powerful and helpful. Not only for myself, that make me feel come and peaceful after the practice, but also helps my family. Especially when my father was sick so badly in the hospital with extreme pain. After he asked more pain reducing medicines from the doctor to reduce the pain, but nothing really helped. I led my father to breath, like Hiko guided me in this, and suddenly he could be more relaxed, and rest in peace in the end. That was the most important thing I wanted in this process.

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